Homoud D. Al-Oshaishan.
Homoud D. Al-Oshaishan.CEO

Our Commitment

The role of MINAH Company LTD. is to ensure that all our clients and partners benefit from our continued growth, success and development. In order to achieve this, MINAH Company LTD. has to further capitalize and build on the strengths accumulated from the ongoing diversification of our activities. Our responsibility is to be actively involved in overseeing the implementation of our strategic plans and financial allocations, developing managerial expertise, managing our field operations professionally, and ensuring that our actions yield positive growth.

Our skilled operation and industrial services, our high quality products and our numerous international joint venture partnerships, along with business enabling technology, have resulted in an enhanced client offering. This, combined with professional management principles, a customer-focused vision and the highest dedication, support and commitment from our workforce, has propelled our business in the region and positioned Minah as leaders at local and regional levels. Our commitment to best practice and service delivery has won us the trust, confidence and respect from our clients, partners and customers. And we will continue our work with the same dedication and commitment in our future endeavours.


About us

We offer Operation & Industrial Support Services, Industrial Cleaning Services, Electrical & Instrumentation Services, Construction Services, Security Services, Facilities Management and Joint Venture Opportunities. Additionally we provide Industrial Machineries and Equipment, Industrial Electrical Assemblies and Spare Parts, Fire Fighting Equipment, Internal Monitoring Security Cameras, and Heavy Equipment for Construction.

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