Property Maintenance

Property maintenance and refurbishment are carried out by our well trained staff. We undertake all types of work, such as maintenance of the property, cleaning and repair, and general upkeep. Be it an office building, a house, or factory you can rest assured it will be looked after professionally and reliably by our management and staff.

Cleaning Services

We have the resources and quality control systems in place to provide building cleaning and ground maintenance services. Our professional team has the expertise to customise the cleaning services required to fit your facility’s specific needs.


Catering Services

We can provide many types of catering services to various locations through the use of our specialised catering services and mobile units.  Simply inform us of your requirements and let us deal with the hospitality and restaurants professionals to bring you the best expertise to make your event a success


We provide inspection and testing of all fire safety equipment and systems, carry out safety audits and will keep records and certificates of compliance, to ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to at all times


About us

We offer Operation & Industrial Support Services, Industrial Cleaning Services, Electrical & Instrumentation Services, Construction Services, Security Services, Facilities Management and Joint Venture Opportunities. Additionally we provide Industrial Machineries and Equipment, Industrial Electrical Assemblies and Spare Parts, Fire Fighting Equipment, Internal Monitoring Security Cameras, and Heavy Equipment for Construction.

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