Industrial Cleaning

Together with our international joint venture partner, B&W Energy Services, we offer a comprehensive program for the pre-commissioning and turnkey industrial cleaning, using the latest and most advanced equipment and cleaning techniques including but not limited to: Aqua Lazing, Steam Blowing, Air Blowing and Oil Flushing.


As one of the most effective ways of removing any pollutants, this service uses a high pressure water jet to remove mill scale from the internal surfaces of pipes. It can also be used to clean other critical plant components.


Some Key Benefits Includes

  • High pressure pump adaptable to any water supply
  • Wireless remote pump kill switch with 500 ft. range
  • Self-contained pump with noise rating of 78 dB
  • Anti-withdrawal devices installed on inlet of process
  • Clean installed pipe systems ranging in diameters from 2″ up to 120″
  • Traverse multiple directional changes within a single piping system
  • Clean up to 1000 ft. of pipe from a single entry point
  • Climb vertically in pipe while maintaining the integrity of the cleaning
  • Remove solids from pipe and equipment
  • Zero discharge water recycling capability

Steam Blowing

Constant improvement means B&W introduced the Dry Silencer technology which allows such services to safely and effectively vent up to 900 KPPH of steam while maintaining an 85dB noise rating or less at 50 ft. from the discharging steam. It greatly reduces hot water discharge which is normally associated with traditional silencers. Steam blow equipment is carefully analysed and designed so as to ensure a combination of professional effectiveness and high safety standard is obtained.

Low Pressure Continuous Blowing
  • Steady state conditions
  • Shortest overall blow duration
  • Constant Disturbance Factor (DF/CFR)
  • Low reaction forces
  • Minimal support/restraint requirements
High Pressure Continuous Blowing
Hybird Blowing

Air Blowing

Engineered Air Blowing is a procedure that is specific for the individual system being cleaned. B&W Energy Services has designed specialized exclusive equipment necessary to correctly perform air blowing of numerous plant piping systems depending on plants’ exact requirements.

Continuos Blow

Effective for cleaning small bore piping systems. Utilizes a compressed air source to continuous feed air into a system through a predetermined flow path and sequence.

Pulse Blow
Decompression Blow

Oil Flushing

B&W professionally engineered Oil Flushing is carried out through specialised equipment designed and engineered by them. In order to remove harmful contaminants and keep the new rotating and hydraulic equipment operating at peak performance, it is necessary to perform high velocity turbulent flushing and filtration of lube oil and control oil systems.  By doing so, the potential for premature failure, normally found on rotating equipment, is drastically reduced. Insoluble particles can become trapped in the bearings of rotating equipment therefore effectively cleaning these is imperative in order to remove all particulate from lubrication systems and avoid significant damage.

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