Extend the lifespan of your structure.

Prevent any extreme failure in the equipment and concrete structure which averting any human injuries and then avoid the legal and environmental liabilities

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repair & protection



for delaminated area sprayed concrete or mortar for delaminated section using a pneumatically machine, which projected the concrete at high velocity onto a vertical or overhead surface

Corrosion Protection

Apply corrosion inhibitor such as chemical material to form protection layer against corrosion catalyst. Coating such as Epoxy ,urethane and zinc to create a layer of defense for the equipment. Abrasive blasting by machines to the surface damaged by corrosion and prepare it for anti-corrosion materials

Structural Strengthening

Condition assessment for all concrete elements by expertise engineer. Rehabilitation , repair and maintenance for concrete structure with an experience field crew and engineers Infrastructure work , crack injection for water leakage, sealant for expansion joint.

Waterproofing & Thermal Insulation

waterproofing for substructure ,tunnels, tanks and manholes using HDPE & EPDM membrane systems. wet area waterproofing such as kitchens and bathrooms. Lining system for water structure such as service water tanks ,swimming pools and water fountain. Roofing and thermal insulation using : liquid applied roofing system and polyurethane sprayed. De-Watering and Shoring

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