How do I contact team Minah?

Click on the contact us button located at the upper-right corner of the page. A new window will be opened where you’ve to enter your message, phone no, and email to reach out to our team.

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What are some of our prominent Clients?

In our 15 years of experience, clients (large multinational and local organization) from a wide range of sectors including Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries has put their trust on us. And, we had never failed in satisfying their needs. Some of the prominent clients are Sabic, Sadara, Areva, Chevron, Kuwait National Petroleum Co, Saudi

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Which kind of equipment do we use?

We use equipment that is exclusively designed for the service and fully capable in all conditions. Our equipment can meet the specification of any sort of project, and we incorporated precise engineering controls to ensure maximum safety level.

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Which safety measures are taken by Team Minah?

Whether it is a short-term or long-term project, during each stage, our first priority is to ensure safety. We follow the best industry standards and practices with an emphasis on the safety of both teams and equipment, and therefore, it is the prime reason for our success.

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What is the quality of the services that we are offering?

The quality of these services is primarily influenced by the capabilities of engineers and the efficiency of the equipment. Thus, here at Minah, we consist of highly expert engineering teams who put their sincere efforts into every project. They use their abilities to create the best engineering plans and designs, which help in completing the

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How do we train our employees?

We, as a reputed company, believe that the path to the success of any company depends on their employees. Therefore, each of our employees is recruited on the basis of merit and they’re well-experienced in their respective fields. Apart from their prior expertise, we also hold scheduled mandatory training classes for their training in compliance

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Which services do we offer?

Minah offers a range of different services, including: Operation and Industrial Support, Project Management, Commissioningand Pre-Commissioning, Industrial Cleaning and Integrated Facility Management.

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