Pre-commissioning industrial plant, is the inspection process before regular operations can start. A variety of industries, including petrochemicals and oil & gas, require this process for compliance and safety. Keep reading to discover some of the key steps needed to get a plant up and running!

Overview of Pre-Commissioning Stage

Once construction on a plant is complete, it is time to pre-commission the facility. The construction team has already confirmed compliance with the project requirements at this stage. The client, project management control PMC, and licensor witness and develop pre-commissioning check-lists together to ensure a smooth and safe operations process.

P&ID Checking

A single plant can have several pages worth of P&ID. It is essential for identifying potential hazards, piping layouts, heat tracing, and much more. The commissioning engineers validate all of this before handing it over to the commissioning team.

Flushing and Cleaning Machinery

New plants require protection against blockages and corrosion by flushing and cleaning new machinery. New pipework is cleaned by removing pollutants.

  • Aqualizing: the process of using high-pressure water to remove mill scale from the inside of pipes
  • Steam Blowing: pipes are blown with high boiler pressure steam; improvements in this technology through dry silencing maintains a 85dB noise rating
  • Air Blow: characterized as pulse blow (small, medium piping systems), continuous blow (small piping systems), decompression blow (small pipping systems), all using air through a predetermined flow path and sequence
  • Oil Flushing: uses oil to lubricate, remove contaminants and keep hydraulic equipment operating at ideal performance level, greatly improves premature failure of rotating equipment

Commissioning Activities

After pre-commissioning checks have been passed, we move on to: Dry Commissioning where we start testing without process fluids and Wet Commissioning where running a safe fluid through the plant to test the system’s behavior and finally, Hot Commissioning where process fluids are run through to test the pumps and other machinery in a closed-loop

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