A reliable Integrated Facilities Management solution can take your company to the next level across multiple parts of the company – and make running it efficiently effortless for you, simultaneously.

In fact, companies across the world are realizing the benefits of Integrated Facilities Management. The Global IFM Report 2020 found that the IFM market has the highest rate of growth of the entire facility management industry. Around the world, companies are embracing the benefits of an all-in-one facilities solution.

From efficiency to quality and cost saving, here’s how consolidating all your facilities management needs into one high quality team can upgrade how you run your business.

Lower operating costs

Why pay multiple contractors, when just one team can take care of all your facilities operations. Using one integrated facilities management specialist removes the need to pay multiple companies across different services – streamlining your total costs.

Put best practices into action

By using an integrated facilities management service, you are bringing a team of facilities management experts into your business who specialize in the exact areas of service you require them to facilitate. What’s more, they are highly experienced in multiple sectors, companies and industries, with some of the most high profile businesses in Saudi Arabia and beyond. This will be applied to elevate the expertise of your company’s facilities management, too. Your integrated facilities management team will instantly be able to put into action the best practices and systems for your business – no learning or trial onsite!

Achieve your goals quicker

Because our facilities managers are so highly experienced in all areas of various businesses, our integrated solution means you can put these best practices into action right away. This means no down time, and no need to educate staff – just maximum efficiency in your management systems, to reach your goals in all business areas from the outset.

Improving the safety of your business

Having a full-service facilities management team really does take care of everything, so you don’t have to. In addition to the rest of the services we provide to look after your company, Minah will also take care of your safety, inspecting and testing your fire safety systems, carrying out safety audits of your premises and keeping records and certificates of compliance, so safety standards are always followed and regularly kept in check. The safety extends to securing your individual employees too, as Minah for security services is a fully licensed security services for your business. This includes professional security advice, inspections and guidance for your facility.