The importance of commissioning and pre-commissioning for your facility

The commissioning and pre-commissioning procedures for pipelines are fundamental to their future operation. The materials used in a new piping system inevitably are contaminated during the construction process, with grease, oil, grit and more. Commissioning removes this contamination and creates a pipeline system which is primed and ready for use.

The entire industrial cleaning process allows for a facility to be prepared for everyday operation. Following strict commissioning and pre-commissioning regimes will ensure the reliability and safety of a new processing plant, as well as allowing you to confirm that there is no contamination in the pipelines from the starting point of the plant. This is important in avoiding any potential future, much more serious issues, later on down the line.

The commissioning process involves expert inspection, checking, cleaning, flushing, verification, leak tests, performance evaluation, and the necessary functional tests which must be undertaken to bring a new facility into working. This is executed by both the contractor and operator of a facility, working together.

The process of pre-commissioning is an essential part of industrial pipeline preparation. This is a deep cleaning exercise, flushing out the pipes, cleaning with any necessary chemicals, or non chemical solutions, and carrying out measures to test that the pipes are running as they should do. This process takes place before the commissioning procedure, and ensures that the commissioning process will be even more safe and reliable, as well as going as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Above all else, pre-commissioning tests that the pipeline is safely containing the product it is required to, without leaking – whether that involves liquid, gas, water or other chemicals. Pre-commissioning happens before the final product is introduced to the pipeline, in order to ensure that when it does, the pipeline will already be fit for purpose and without any leakage.

Because this is such an essential part of the new plant process, these pipelines must be carefully checked by a specialized instrument engineer in order to confirm their safety and fitness for purpose.

Services we provide

Together with our international joint venture and partners, Minah offers a wealth of industrial cleaning services, catering to your structural, material and functional needs – and this includes a comprehensive program for pre-commissioning and turnkey industrial cleaning, using the latest and most advanced cleaning techniques and equipment. These include, but are not limited to: Aqua Lazing, Steam Blowing, Air Blowing and Oil Flushing.

Air Blowing uses techniques carefully customized to your system which is being cleaned, depending on your plant’s exact requirements. Oil Flushing, on the other hand, removes harmful contaminants via high velocity turbulent flushing and filtration of lube oil and control oil systems – which is all specialized to keep your hydraulic equipment operating at peak performance. Read more about our specialized industrial cleaning techniques here.

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