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Pipeline Commissioning & Pre-Commissioning Procedures For Your Business: What Is Involved, And Why it Needed

The importance of commissioning and pre-commissioning for your facility The commissioning and pre-commissioning procedures for pipelines are fundamental to their future operation. The materials used in a new piping system inevitably are contaminated during the construction process, with grease, oil, grit and more. Commissioning removes this contamination and creates a pipeline system which is primed […]

How Integrated Facilities Management Can Instantly Improve Your Company

A reliable Integrated Facilities Management solution can take your company to the next level across multiple parts of the company – and make running it efficiently effortless for you, simultaneously. In fact, companies across the world are realizing the benefits of Integrated Facilities Management. The Global IFM Report 2020 found that the IFM market has […]


What do you need to know about plant pre-Commissioning

Pre-commissioning industrial plant, is the inspection process before regular operations can start. A variety of industries, including petrochemicals and oil & gas, require this process for compliance and safety. Keep reading to discover some of the key steps needed to get a plant up and running! Overview of Pre-Commissioning Stage Once construction on a plant […]

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