Al-Khafji Joint Operations and Minah Company for Operation and Industrial Services signed a contract for facilities management. In the conference room of the Contracts Department, the joint operations were represented by the Executive Director of Industrial Services, Abdullah Al-Qahtani and Minah was represented by the CEO, Hammoud Al-Oshishan, Attended the ceremony the Joint Operations Director of the Social Services Department Muhammad Khaili and head of the social services sector Eng. Muhammed Al-Nafiei and the head of the planning sector, Mohsen Abel, in the Department of Social Services and Business. Zaid Al Kathiri. The contract comes within the framework of the concern for the ecosystem that joint operations take great care of in its business area.

Minah takes pride to be one of the most important entities in the facilities management sector and is an active member of the Facilities Management Authority in the Middle East and North Africa region.