Minah and KJO signed a Facility Management Contract

Al-Khafji Joint Operations and Minah Company for Operation and Industrial Services signed a contract for facilities management. In the conference room of the Contracts Department, the joint operations were represented by the Executive Director of Industrial Services, Abdullah Al-Qahtani and Minah was represented by the CEO, Hammoud Al-Oshishan, Attended the ceremony the Joint Operations Director

2020-12-06T18:22:03+03:00December 6th, 2020|Featured, News|

Saudi Sudan Investment Business Council rejoin in Khartoum

Today  Oct. 18th 2017, the Saudi Sudan Investment business council have rejoined In Khartoum In patronage of the president of the republic of Sudan. The CEO and President of Minah ltd.  Mr. Homoud Al Oshishan and the CEO of Minah international investment in Sudan Mr. Salman Ghandour have presented the development of business opportunities. The

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